Sunday 5 February 2012

Elizabeth II Coronation Oath and Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples Of Turtle Island North : Customs And Traditions : International Law

Without Prejudice                              Errors & Omissions Excepted

Note : A Registry of Allegations has been prepared by Touchstone Committee through instructions by the Leadership Council of a west coast sovereign aboriginal indigenous state nation Peoples; and, will be presented before a court of competent jurisdiction prior to June 2nd, 2013.

Upon the death of George VI, Elizabeth II became Queen on February 6th, 1952; with the CORONATION on June 2nd 1953 (2)

There is a weighty legacy resting upon the British Monarchy's reign in Turtle Island North / Canada. It is extremely unpleasant. And, today there exists a continued pursuit by the British dominion of Elizabeth II to continue to acquire lands and resources under individual and group aboriginal indigenous title. This pursuit is perceived by these Peoples of original occupation and governance as being a military campaign contrary to international law; and, further, contrary to the fundamental principles of human and civil rights.

Canada has conducted a Royal Commission Inquiry on these matters - including the victimizations and legacies of harm arising from the Indian Residential and Day Schools.

Media coverage - including CBC - has also detailed this evolution of infanticide.

Today, among other lawful actions, there is the imminent submission from aboriginal indigenous Peoples to require a trial upon the Office of the British Monarch Elizabeth II for war crimes, unjust enrichment; and, fundamentally, a breach of the coronation oath [see Letter].

Such accusations have come before the British Parliament and judiciary in the past.

Coincidentally, a Canadian delegation led by Kevin Annett [who reported the Hidden History of finding bones of aboriginal children in the furnance of his church in Port Alberni when he was minister there] is also pursuing a similar complaint of war crimes against the Office of the Pope of Rome. [note, also, Gustafsen Lake Stand off / CBC archives : GLS; and, the Oka Crisis; while comparing it to the Leonard Peltier v. USA case].

This site will issue continuous UPDATES on these matters during this process of the substantive allegations dossier preparation as  a matter of public interest.

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